Warn Zeon vs VR

warn zeon vs vr

Since the launch of the Warn Zeon line in 2016 there are numerous questions of how Warn ZEON vs VR matches up. So in order to create the best match up and comparison, we matched the two most popular systems. The Warn ZEON 10-S & the Warn VR10-S. Both of these units are equipped with a synthetic rope and a 10,000-pound rating. As a result, they are a great selection to compare the Warn ZEON vs VR.

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Warn History –

superwinch vs warnWhen it comes to off-road gear and a legacy of history, Warn Industries has to be the #1. Since 1948, Warn has been trusted by off-road enthusiast, ATV, and UTV owners. Being a leader in making the electric winches, is not easy, as they have been constantly innovating for the last 70+ years. Over time they have been able to expand and create just about every product that pairs with a winch. For example, bumpers, mounting systems, shackles, 4WD hubs, vehicle specific kits, and powersports accessories.

Services –

Warn Industries didn’t just stop at the off-road industry. They have a full line of electric and hydraulic winches and hoists for the industrial and commercial sector as well. Therefore, if you’re looking for a brand that is trusted on the back of a tow truck or the front of a military vehicle, Warn is a great choice for a winch system.

The Details –

In 1930, Arthur and Sadie Warn begin a Willys dealership in Southpark, Washington. Willy’s is better known for the design and product behind the military jeeps. That said, in 1948, they founded Warn Industries. The idea was to convert thousands of military surplus Jeeps into useful on-road vehicles. Arthur was an innovator and inventor, beginning his sales door-to-door in Seattle. It quickly bloomed into a mail-order business with the help of some ads in popular mechanics.

By 1954, Warn locking hubs where being offered as an option from the factory equipment in numerous automobiles. They quickly became an OEM supplier for companies such as Ford, Chrysler, GM, KIA, and Nissan.

With the hub sales quickly gaining pace, Warn Industries began to revolutionize the off-road market with electric winches. At a time vehicles had a Power-take-off or more commonly PTO, which are found on tractors. This required an engine to run, however, if you’re stalled on a hill it served as useless. Which is why the Warn electric winch was so captivating by 1974.

Warn quickly began to expand into the ATV and UTV markets as the need for high-quality gear was required. This allowed Powersports owners the ability for self-recovery.

Overall –

Warn Industries today has over 180,000 sqft of engineering, manufacturing, and office space located in Clackamas, Oregon with over 350 employees. As a result, Warn holds over 100 patents and 600 products, continuing to innovate and design leading off-road products.

Warn ZEON vs VR – Match Up

To get started comparing Warn ZEON vs VR it’s best to start with an overall features comparison. We compiled the top features that differentiate the ZEON series from the VR. This is a quick overview that delivers a quick picture of some key differences that set the ZEON apart from the VR series. The numerous upgraded components give way for the Warn ZEON to be a class of it’s own that Warn distinguishes as their performance line.

Specs Warn VRWarn ZEON
MotorStandard-DutyHigh-Performance, Exclusive To ZEON
Corrosion Resistance204 HR Salt Spray408 HR Salt Spray
Water RatingIP68 IP68
Line Speeds26 - 2.3 fpm33 - 4.8 fpm
Gear Train Armour NoneFull Metal
High Load Amp Draw502A 409A

Warn VR10-S –

The Warn VR10 is equipped to offer enhanced styling and peak performance. Built with same reliable components that gives Warn it’s legacy name and trust. Thanks to the convertible controller pack the Warn VR is highly sought after. As it allows vehicle owners to mount it in an upright or low-profile fashion. Not to mention the waterproof Albright contactor gives the winch it’s fantastic reliability. If you own a Jeep, SUV, or Truck the 10,000-pound capacity is plenty to get the job done.

  • Efficient Series-Wound Motor
  • One-Piece Tie Plate
  • 66 – 502 Amp Draw

Capacities & Features –

  • 10,000 lb weight
  • 26 fpm (no load)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 90′ Synthetic Rope

Construction –

The Warn VR10-S is constructed in a black tactical to help blend in with your molded bumper. It may be discrete when it comes to color, but it’s far from that when it comes to having some of the best components featured on a mid-class winch. For example, Warn equipped the VR with its best-in-class cone brake which can hold the full-rated load. The one-piece tie plate helps to replace multiple tie bars as well giving it some increased strength. Running on 12V’s the winch is quite easy to install with the proper mounting brackets or bumpers. With a 12′ wired remote you can easily find yourself getting unstuck from the mud by yourself with this workhorse.

Warn ZEON 10 –

The Warn ZEON was built for the Jeep, SUV, or truck owners looking to reach peak performance from a winch will still be affordable. Designed to handle tough situations with a durable and high-quality construction. Made from an aluminum housing that keeps the weight down and the looks top notch. This winch is almost more of a statement, but yet it stands up to its style with heavy pulling power.

  • 12v DC Permanent Magnet
  • 3-Stage Planetary Gearing
  • 62 – 409 Amp Draw
warn zeon vs vr

Capacities & Features –

  • 10,000 lb weight
  • 33 fpm (no load)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 100′ Spydura Synthetic Rope

Construction –

The ZERO is an all-new design planetary gear train with a series wound motor that is extraordinarily quiet, fast and reliable when you need it. The overall housing is made of high-grade aluminum to protect the system when going over rocks, trees, or rough terrain. This also allows for the winch to be lightweight and keep your overall presence as light as possible for performance. Warn has designed the drum of the ZEON with a large diameter to keep wear down and lightweight. It even has a built-in rope anchor for easy rope installation.

Warn equips the ZEON with a 100′ Warn Spydura and the housing includes a temperature-resistance sleeve and a nylon sliding sleeve. If that’s not enough to protect the rope it even has a polished aluminum fairlead. The ZERO is a versatile system that allows for the controller pack to be attached to the winch or just as a remote. Therefore, giving you options for securing the winch to your vehicle.

Warn ZEON vs VR Comparison –

It’s no surprise that Warn built the ZEON to exceed the VR when it comes to performance and construction. However, what Warn didn’t want to do was replace the VR completely. As it still serves to be an excellent winch system that is about half the price of the ZEON. So what does twice the money actually get you when you choose to buy a ZEON?

Design –

Warn designed the ZEON with an 80mm diameter zinc alloy drum versus a 66mm welded steel drum. Thus providing the winch a much greater displacement of heat. Which is very common with a synthetic rope style winch. Keeping with the drum the ZEON is equipped with a patented though-drum technology eliminating anchor failure. So from a safety standpoint, this is a great feature and advancement.

When considering what is attached to the drum, Warn stepped out a bit and got Spydura rope that is 15% longer then the VR has. Also, the technology creates about 50% greater durability. So when you have to let the rope ride across the ground or rocks it prevents abrasions better. With the combination of the drum, rope, and motor the speed with no load is about 26% faster than the VR. More impressively is that its line speed under max load is actual double with the ZEON. That said if speed and efficiency are a huge factor be sure to look into the ZEON.

Since Jeep, SUV, and truck owners want to test the limits of their vehicles going further and through rougher terrain. Warn decided to go above and beyond to equip the ZEON with one of the most robust waterproof and corrosion packages. When undergoing a salt spray corrosion test the ZEON was actually two times more resistant to corrosion than the VR. Warn even equipped the remote control with an IP68 rating in the event you drop it in the mud. Plus the majority of the parts from the ZEON are platted or made of rust-resistant materials such as Zinc or Aluminum.

Overall –

Lastly, we don’t want to forget that Warn built the ZERO with a much higher performing motor to handle loads. Instead of a standard duty, they created a ZERO specific high-performance motor. Giving the winch greater pull durability and efficiency.

Overall, the ZEON is the choice for the backcountry explorer who is in search of performance and efficiency. It will come at a higher price, but we see that it’s definitely worth the price if you seek performance. Although if you’re someone that needs a winch for the occasional tow then the VR is going to provide plenty of performance to get the job done. Thankfully, Warn constructed both of these systems to perform and look great on any type of off-road vehicle.

Warn ZEON Installation –

When it comes to installing a Warn winch it can be a difficult task. Without the proper tools, it’s going to give you quite a bit of hassle. Therefore, if you’re inexperienced or aren’t patient then it’s best to consult your nearest off road store. However, if you’re a do-it-yourself type of mechanic and think you can handle the job. It’s easily a less than half day job. If you want a quick tutorial then watch the included clip to see how you can install a Warn ZEON 10-S to a Jeep Wrangler.

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