With a Warn recovery kit and all the vehicle recovery essentials that come with it, you have the peace of mind of hauling a top of the line, purpose-built recovery bag filled with a selection of items that will come in handy the next time you get stuck. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your buddy remembered his or her own Warn recovery kit, and you also won’t need to be concerned about the different recovery angles that you might run into.

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The goal of the Warn recovery kit is simply to make sure that you have the ability to enjoy your day in your off road vehicle. Whether you’ve got your Jeep Rubicon out in a mud bog, rock crawling in your Wrangler, or simply taking your Ford F150 way out to a remote hunting spot, you can rest assured knowing that Warn Industries has your back.

What Is In A Warn Recovery Kit?

One thing you’ll notice right away is that there are different products included in each tier of Warn recovery kits we offer. The reason we do this is to give you the maximum amount of functionality for your needs, while also providing the biggest possible savings.

Warn Industries also has recovery essentials to suit every situation and a selection of different sized bags to ensure that your equipment is easy to store and accessible when you need it. Let’s break down the different options that can come in each selection:

Recovery Bags

The Epic Recovery Backpack only comes in a few of the Warn recovery kits, and those are the medium & heavy duty Epic Recovery kits. This is an incredibly sturdy & well made backpack for your gear, featuring well engineered pockets on the front & sides to keep the contents of your Warn recovery kit organized & secure!

Snatch Blocks

– Epic Snatch Block (Part Number 93195) –

The Warn 93195 Epic snatch block is one of the more common items in the Warn recovery kits. This is an incredibly sturdy & well made snatch block for your kit, designed for use with winches with up to an 18,000 lbs capacity, & the ability to handle up to 1/2″ rope or cable. This truly is a must have for your Warn recovery kit!

You can purchase the Warn 193195 Epic Snatch block separately here.

– Heavy Duty Snatch Block (Part Number 15640) –

The Warn heavy duty snatch block only comes in one of the Warn recovery kits, and that is the heavy duty winching accessory kit. This is an incredibly sturdy & well made snatch block for your kit, featuring a 24,000 lbs capacity, & the ability to handle 3/8″ rope or cable. This truly is a must have for your Warn recovery kit if you have needs falling more in the heavy duty realm!

You can purchase Warn Snatch Blocks separately here.


– 3/4″ Epic Shackles (Part Number 92093) –

One of the most recognizable accessories in any Warn recovery kit is easily going to be the 3/4″ Epic Shackles. While most 3/4″ shackles are typically all about the same, Warn really stepped up their game with their Epic shackles. These forged shackles are just as eye catching as they are useful in a Warn recovery kit, and if you ever get stuck you’ll certainly be glad you brought them along!

You can shop for d-ring shackles separately here.

Tree Trunk Protectors

– 4″ x 8′ Epic Tree Trunk Protector (Part Number 92096) –

The 92096 Epic Tree Trunk Protector strap is a seriously heavy duty 4×4 tow strap that you should keep in your vehicle at all times. Testing out to Warn’s intense standards, it features a break strength of over 30,000 lbs. Featuring a length of 8′ feet and a width of 4″, this is one strap you definitely won’t want to leave home without!

Recovery Straps & Chains

– Premium Recovery Strap (Part Number 88924) –

The Warn premium recovery strap is a must-have for anyone intending to use their electric 4×4 winch at some point. Testing out to Warn Industries standards at a, it features a capacity of 21,600 lbs. Featuring a length of 30 feet and a width of 3″, this is one strap you definitely need in your Warn recovery kit!

Warn Recovery Kit Accessories

– Recovery Gloves (Part Number 88895) –

No fancy explanation needed here! Simply a nice pair of leather recovery gloves to keep your hands from getting beat up. These come in especially handy when handling the steel cable from your winch.

You can purchase the recovery gloves separately here.

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