If you’re heading off-roading, you better have a rock solid recovery kit in your vehicle with you. That includes a snatch strap, d-ring shackles, and a trusty set of traction mats. A traction mat easily ranks up there with off road enthusiast’s most essential items like spare tires & high-lift jacks. Here at Off Roading HQ, we carry one of the largest selections of traction mats online as well as all the other useful & essential accessories for your 4×4. 

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Every Traction Mat You Could Possibly Need

Here at Off Roading HQ, we’re proud to offer everything you need to get all the traction you possibly can while you’re out on the trail. That’s essentially what things boil down to out there – traction. It is and always has been your best friend whether you’re in your Jeep rock crawling or your pickup on a muddy trail out hunting. A great example of this would be all the suspension work you do to get higher levels of articulation or the big mud tires you installed really just bringing better contact with the ground. Traction mats essentially serve exactly the same purpose, but in this case it is in emergency situations. By using a traction mat you get significantly more of the traction you need at the exact moment you need it the most. There are very few situations that can’t be solved with the use of a traction mat.

Traction Mats For Snow

Obviously one of the situations that greatly reduces your ability to stay moving is when there is snow & ice on the ground. A good set of traction mats for snow is always a good idea to keep in the back of your vehicle during the winter. Whether you end up needing them, or you come across someone else that has slid into the ditch, they will almost certainly come in handy at some point throughout the colder months.

Traction Mats For Sand

Another situation that off road enthusiasts often find themselves in is taking their 4×4 through sand. Sand can go from relatively solid ground to impassible without warning, so it is always a good idea to have a set of traction mats for sand ready in case the need arrises. So the next time you head out off roading in the desert or in an area that is prone to sand pits, make sure you have your traction mats for sand loaded up & ready to go.

Traction Mats For Mud

As probably the most visible hazard on the trails, mud certainly poses it’s own set of challenges. Oftentimes it can leave you needing your winch recovery kit, as your 4×4 is buried so deep that it makes other methods almost impossible to use. Occasionally you don’t have anything you can actually hook your winch cable up to though, and in a case like that you better have a good set of traction mats for mud at the ready. You can certainly expect to get pretty dirty while you’re placing your traction mats for mud, but isn’t that actually half the fun of it?

Tire Traction Mats To Stay Ready For Everything

Contrary to popular believe, one of the most effective times to use off road traction mats is actually before you get yourself stuck in the first place. If you’re like most experienced off road enthusiasts & jeepers, you can often tell when a particular section of terrain is going to cause an issue for your 4×4 vehicle. If you’re paying close attention & see these issues approaching, you can lay your tire traction mats out ahead of time to help you continue on. Off roading adventures are always the most fun when frustration is at a minimum, and that is allowed to happen when you pack the correct recovery gear. Go ahead and pick the set of tire traction mats that work best for you, and order them from Off Roading HQ today!

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