One of the best things about soft shackles for vehicle recovery is that you can completely forget about trying to connect a steel shackle to a vehicle without recovery points. Rope shackles wrap around anything, from recovery points, roll bars, axles, bumpers, and more. They’re lightweight & made from heavy-duty synthetic rope. Breaking strengths range anywhere from a light duty 7,500 pounds to an incredible 131,500 pounds. Soft shackles can be used with kinetic recovery ropes, winch ropes & cables, and whatever other recovery tools you have. They are also idea for use with hooks & safety thimbles.

Popular Brands

VooDoo Offroad

VooDoo Soft Shackles

Bubba Rope Gator Jaws

Daystar Soft Shackles



Recovery Kits & Rigging Hardware

Daystar Soft Shackle


Recovery Kits & Rigging Hardware

VooDoo 3/8″ x 7″ Soft Shackle


Recovery Kits & Rigging Hardware

VooDoo 1/2″ x 8″ Rope Shackle


Recovery Kits & Rigging Hardware

Bubba Rope Mega Gator-Jaw PRO Soft Shackle


Some of the Advantages of Soft Shackles:

  • Lightweight – Soft shackles are so light they actually float
  • Strong – They are constructed with heavy duty synthetic rope fibers, and often Made in the USA. Significantly stronger than comparable sized steel shackles.
  • Versatility – Flexible enough to be wrapped around just about anything. Soft synthetic fibers of the rope shackles keep it from causing damage to the vehicle or scratching paint like steel shackles would. 
  • Design – Soft shackle design includes an easy to pull string that make it easy to loosen the soft shackle after use
  • Easy to Store – Place them under your seat, in your pocket or wrapped around your roll cage

Soft Shackles replace Anchor Shackles and D-Ring shackles in just about every application!

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