When you head out off roading, there are more than a few ways your 4×4 vehicle can get stuck. Whether you’re driving through a mud bog and don’t quite make it, out in a snowstorm and end up in the ditch, or get in a hairy situation rock crawling you should always have a way out. Regardless of the season or the situation, a shackle hitch receiver is a great investment to ensure you always have a strong anchor to hook up to. Think of a shackle hitch receiver as having an insurance plan on your rig. You hope you aren’t going to need it, but you’re going to be really glad you have it should the situation arise.


How to Avoid Needing a Shackle Hitch Receiver in the First Place

Like we mentioned above, it’s always a good idea to have a d ring shackle hitch receiver in your ride just in case. However, you’d obviously prefer to not need to use it to begin with. If you can, always scout new or unknown trails beforehand so that you know exactly what you’re getting into. Washouts & mud bogs can often bring unwelcome surprises, and it’s going to be easiest on your truck, Jeep, or SUV to avoid getting stuck in the first place. Use common sense when you get away from it all and go off-roading, and if things don’t work out the way you had hoped you’ll still have your shackle hitch at the ready.

So Many Shackle Hitch Receivers to Choose From

Just like any product category on OffRoadingHQ.com, we take a tremendous amount of pride in delivering a huge selection of products to choose from. Our range of shackle hitch receivers are absolutely no different. You’ll be pleased to find products from industry-leading brands like Vault Cargo Management, WARN, Rugged Ridge, Smittybilt, & Factor 55. All the shackle hitch receivers listed on our site are engineered to fit 2 inch receivers.

Get Off Road With Peace Of Mind

Do yourself & your buddies a favor by picking up a shackle hitch receiver from Off Roading HQ. You’ll have a way out of every situation, ensuring that your adventure goes according to plan. We’re proud to offer free shipping on qualifying orders on our massive selection of products!


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All Sales 8800 Tow Hitch Shackle


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Crown Automotive Receiver Shackle Hitch

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Factor 55 Hitchlink


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Mile Marker Shackle Hitch Receiver


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Rampage 8610 Shackle Hitch Receiver


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Shackle Hitch Receiver by Vault Cargo Management

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Smittybilt Tow Hitch Shackle


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Tow Ready 63046 Shackle Hitch


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WARN 29312 Receiver Shackle Bracket


The Makeup Of A Shackle Hitch Receiver

Shackle hitch receivers are the perfect tow anchor for off roading enthusiasts or when you are in a tight spot. They are going to fit most 2″ receivers, and many of them are going to have multiple sets of holes for your clevis pin. These give you the option to use your shackle hitch receiver either horizontally or vertically, which is a nice option to have depending on the angle you are trying to pull at.

Most of our products are either zinc coated or feature a powder coat to help prevent rust & corrosion. They are typically manufactured from drop forged steel, and feature working load capacities of 4.75 tons (9,500 lbs). The shackle hitch receivers offered on Off Roading HQ all feature a 3/4″ d ring shackle.

Easy Towing

If you’ve been into off-roading for any amount of time you already know that they break down & get stuck from time to time. You don’t need to use a bolt-on tow hook in order to have a super strong anchor point to attach to if you have a shackle hitch receiver available. You have the option to leave it in all the time, or keep it in the back of your vehicle & only use it when the time arrises. Tow straps & snatch straps work incredibly well with these recovery accessories, and they are noticeably safer than try to attach a recovery strap to a ball hitch since the strap can’t come loose at any time.