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3 Person Roof Top Tent – What Should You Look For?

The biggest thing you are going to want to consider as you’re shopping for your 3 person roof top tent is what you truly intend to do with it. If you’re going to be out and about all day and just want somewhere to sleep that doesn’t kill your back the next day, we’ve got that option. Whether you intend to go out with the your buddies or family and your dog Fido to just relax all weekend, we’ve got a great option for that as well! The point, though, is that these are two entirely different options. One is a minimalistic tent that is a bit smaller with less features (no less comfortable though), and the other is going to have all the bells and whistles & cost you a bit more.

As you’re looking for your 3 person roof top tent, you’ll also want to consider where you would ideally park your vehicle. If you plan on leaving your 3 person roof tent on your vehicle at all times, we strongly recommend that you consider a hard top roof tent to hold up against the elements. However, there are also more affordable options if you are okay with taking your tent off your vehicle when you’re done. Most people opt to save some money & go with the second option, but it’s all up to you!

Lowest Legal Prices On 3 Person Roof Top Tents

Off Roading HQ takes pride in offering an incredible selection of in-stock inventory at the lowest legal prices. We’re able to do this by hiring key people with strategic connections throughout the off roading industry. By doing this, we’re able to get into a room with top executives from brands & distributors to hash out the best possible deals for you on 3 person roof top tents. We’re not at all content with being able to offer anything but the most competitive prices for our customers. Make sure you also sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop on when we are running deals at any given time!

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