Here at Off Roading Headquarters, we’re proud to offer one of the largest selections of off road recovery kits to make sure you get exactly what you need for your 4×4 vehicle. Whether you’re looking for a heavy duty off road recovery kit, or something slightly on the lighter side, we can definitely handle whatever adventure you’re about to go on.

It’s safe to say that getting you and your rig stuck when you head off-road is never a good thing, but then again getting to that point is kind of the fun of it anyways. However, things quickly turns into an outright disaster when you don’t have the right off road recovery kit to get yourself unstuck. Avoid a hefty off-road towing bill by grabbing some premium recovery gear from Off Roading HQ. We have some of the most recognized brands from ARB USA to Warn Industries, to Vault Cargo Management and everything in between so that you can get yourself out of a tough spot out of the trail all on your own.

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Off Road Recovery Kit – What Is In It?

One thing you’ll notice right away is that there are different products included in each of the off road recovery kits we offer. The reason we do this is to give you the maximum amount of functionality for your needs, while also providing the biggest possible savings.

Brands like Warn Industries & ARB USA also have recovery essentials to suit every situation and a selection of different sized bags to ensure that your equipment is easy to store and accessible when you need it. Let’s break down the different options that can come in each selection:

Recovery Bags

Typically an off road recovery kit is going to come with a heavy duty storage bag. For example, a few the Warn Epic Off Road Recovery Kits actually come with a really nice backpack to store all of your gear while you aren’t using it. These should be nice and sturdy, while also allowing some breathability in case your gear is still somewhat damp when it is put away. As a note, you should always make sure all the gear in your off road recovery kit is as dry as possible before putting it away.

You can shop for recovery bags specifically here.

Snatch Blocks

A large number of off road recovery kits are going to contain snatch blocks. These serve a quite a few purposes when it comes to towing your 4×4 back to safety. The first reason a snatch block can really come in handy is that it can change the direction of recovery. If there is an obstacle in the way you can use a snatch block to pull around it.

The second thing that a snatch block is super useful for is that it can actually double the capacity of your electric winch. We’ll save the “how-to’s” for a different day, but just know that you can really use the snatch block in your off road recovery kit to your advantage.

You can shop our huge selection of snatch blocks here.


One of the most recognizable accessories in any off road recovery kit is easily going to be the D-Ring Shackles. While most d-ring shackles are typically all about the same, companies like Warn Industries & ARB USA really stepped up their game with their shackles. These forged shackles are just as eye catching as they are useful in an off road recovery kit, and if you ever get stuck you’ll certainly be glad you brought them along!

You can shop specifically for D-Ring Shackles here.

Tree Trunk Protectors 

Otherwise known as “tree saver straps”, these tree trunk protector straps are also a must have in any 4×4 enthusiast’s off road recovery kit. Essentially these straps are used to wrap around a tree or rock and then attach to a snatch block via a d-ring shackle. This allows you to run the cable from your electric winch through the snatch block & avoid rubbing against the tree or rock. Not only does this save your winch cable, but it also helps protect the environment as well!

You can shop specifically for tree saver straps here.

Recovery Straps & Chains

When you think about an off road recovery kit, the first thing you probably think about is a tow strap, sometimes referred to as a recovery strap or a snatch strap. These are typically the straps that you are actually going to connect to your 4×4 vehicle, or in some cases you end up using it to lengthen out your winch cable.

You can shop specifically for tow straps here.

Other Off Road Recovery Kit Accessories

There are quite a few other off road recovery kit accessories that can be included in different bundles. This can include products like leather gloves, winch cable dampeners, and more.

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