How Much Does A Tow Truck Cost

how much does a tow truck cost

If you own a vehicle it’s inevitable that eventually, you will need a tow truck at some point in your life. For me it came when I was about 20 and the roads where snow covered and slick. I ended up spinning out on the highway and getting stuck in the ditch. Thankfully, we were okay as was the vehicle, but we were stuck. I thought to myself, How Much Does A Tow Truck Cost to get me out of this situation. For many, it’s an unknown amount and there are very few companies that have a flat rate fee as each situation is different. Therefore, to help answer this question we broke down a few of the most popular scenarios and costs for needing a tow truck.

How To Find A Tow Truck Company –

When it comes to finding a tow truck this can be a bit difficult if you’re not familiar to your location. If you’re local and have a friend or family member to recommend a service that is much easier. However, you may be on a road trip and you need to find a tow truck service that will help assist you. That said, there are a few things to consider and places to look to ensure you get a trusted and reliable tow service.

Begin by figuring out your exact location. Thankfully, for smartphones, this is a pretty easy task. Not only will it help you find a service, but it will help the tow service find you as well. Starting your search on google or a search engine is going to provide you with a list of results that are near your current location. Here you’ll find a list of names and companies. However, it’s best to find one that is reputable and trusted by others. Therefore, begin to search google customer reviews to get an idea how they perform. I typically, also look to social media pages to find other reviews. With that information, I can usually reduce my search to one or two tow truck companies. Now you can call the one or two to find out if they have an available tow truck to help your situation.

how much does a tow truck cost

how much does a tow truck costTow Truck Services –

From the backroads, to dirt roads, to the highway vehicle accidents happen and a tow truck is necessary. If you own a vehicle you’re going to encounter a situation where a tow truck is necessary. However, sometimes it can be confusing on what a tow truck service entails. That said, we have compiled the most common reasons to call a tow truck service.

Stuck In The Ditch –

When it comes to dangerous weather such as heavy rains or snow storms. Road conditions can turn quickly and if you’re not driving safe enough for the conditions you can easily get stuck in the ditch as I have in the past. A tow truck is going to be your best solution to getting unstuck. Tow trucks tend to have a series of pulleys and winch system to help remove your vehicle in a safe and controlled way. If you are inexperienced at vehicle recovery then a tow service is going to have the experience and knowledge to not ruin your vehicle.

Battery Won’t Start –

Of course, there are numerous components to a vehicle engine, but a battery needs to work for the car to start. As one of the most neglected parts of a vehicle for replacement. There will be a time when your car doesn’t start or maybe you’ve just forgotten to shut your lights off. A tow truck service will easily assist with a jump start or if your car battery is dead. They will assist with a tow or haul back to a service garage or your home.

Car Accident –

A car accident is the last thing you want as they can be scary and financially expensive. However, if you’re vehicle is totaled and incapable of driving it’s your obligation to get it removed from the road and it a safe location. Thankfully, this is the most common use for a tow truck and towing services are quite quick and efficient at the task.

Roadside Assistance –

As we stated early vehicles have a million moving parts. However, as soon as one doesn’t work it can easily affect it’s own ability to drive. For example, one of the most common roadside assistance needs is for a flat tire. Tires fail due to heavy wear and road debris. Thankfully most towing services offer flat services and towing back to a service garage.

Out of Gas –

The last most common reason to need a towing truck is if you run of out fuel. I’ve had it happen to me a couple times due to negligence when I was younger. Thankfully, I was in town and able to call a friend to help me out. However, not everyone is that lucky. You may be on a road trip out west where the nearest gas station is hundreds of miles away. This is where a tow service may come in handy as a fuel delivery service to get you back rolling and to safety.

How Much Does A Tow Truck Cost –

When it comes to the cost of a tow truck there are a few factors that will influence the price. This means that the cost will be affected by some factors making it fluctuate a bit. Listed are some of the main reasons prices fluctuate and change:

  • Time of Service Need (After hours may be more expensive).
  • Location
  • Type of Service
  • Availability
  • Type of Vehicle
  • Distance

The reason so many people are wanting to know how much a tow truck costs is that, “a few bad apples ruined it for the rest.” What do we mean by that? Like any business or service, there are always going to be some unethical business that scam or overcharge for their services due to the fact that you need it or are uneducated in the service cost. Therefore, be sure to do your homework or even call around a few places to get multiple quotes to keep them honest.

Typical Costs –

Vehicle Towing –

When it comes to finding out how much a tow truck costs there is some general cost to ensure you’re getting a fair price. Typically towing an immobile car to a service garage or residence is going to cost you a base rate of about $40.00-125.00 dollars, with a mileage cost of $2.00-6.00 dollars. Now each service is different so some may include a few miles with their base rate. If this is the case be sure to pick a service garage that is within their distance to help save money.

Vehicle Recovery –

The second most common need for a tow truck is if your vehicle is stuck in a ditch, mud, or sand. This typically requires different equipment and sometimes even truck depending on your vehicle type. As a result, the cost is usually billed per hour for the service. The reason behind this is that each situation can vary and require more time than others. Cost for a tow service is about $50.00 – 250.00 dollars an hour. It all depends on the situation and where you are located at the time of your service. Some towing services rates change for after normal business hours. Meaning they have 24/7 services but the rates are higher outside the 8 – 5 business hours.

Additional Costs –

Before you commit to a towing service it’s suggested that you get an explanation of their costs before the job is performed. The last thing you want is to see extra charges that you had no idea existed. It’s your right as a consumer to get this numbers so that you can budget accordingly for what a towing service will cost.

Tips For Needing a Tow Truck Service –

Now that you have an estimated answer to “how much does a tow truck cost,” and you may find yourself with some other questions or unknowns. Therefore, we have put together a few to guide you if you find yourself in need of a tow truck.

Insurance Help –

Be sure to check with your insurance policy before you call a tow service. Some insurance policies like Geico offer roadside assistance with each plan. If you know the insurance business, it’s best to get a recommendation for a towing service from them first to know what’s covered.

Roadside Safety –

In the event, you have experienced an accident, and all parties are safe and not injured. Be sure to pull off the road safely so as not to cause more harm or worse become hit again by traffic. That said, alert other drivers that you on the roadside by using your hazard lights. This allows other drivers to be aware of the stopped traffic so they can slow down. If your vehicle is incapable of pulling off the road then be sure to switch on your hazard lights, and remain in your vehicle. Numerous drivers die or become injured every year when they exit their vehicle on the highway and fall victim to oncoming traffic.

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