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About Factor 55

Headquartered in Boise, Idaho Factor 55 is primarily an engineering design firm that specializes in mechanical design & structural analysis. They are comprised of a staff with extensive experience in the Aerospace, Defense, & semiconductor industries. Despite that, their passion has always lied with the off roading industry. Over the years, they have developed an increasingly strong presence in the vehicle recovery space through some innovative designs & high end products. Those that take their off-road recovery kits seriously often utilize Factor 55 products in conjunction with their mounted winches.

Factor 55 – Design & Testing

One of the things that is often admired about Factor 55 is that all of their products are designed in-house. They use the latest 3D CAD (3D modeling) software and they optimize the strength profiles of their designs using Cosmos FEA (Finite Element Analysis). This ensures that before a single unit is machined that it is already going to be the strongest that the material used will allow for.

After the design & digital strength analysis is performed, the design moves to the prototyping & testing phases. Each of these designs undergo multiple destructive tests with the assistance of a state-of-the-art test facility equipped with measurement & data recording equipment. Factor 55 takes an immense amount of pride in knowing that all their products are a result of sound engineering principles.

Manufacturing Of Factor 55 Products

Once the design & testing phase is completed on their products, they are moved to their state of the art machining centers. All Factor 55 products are machined in house, most of them using high-grade 6000 series aluminum & titanium shear pins. In an industry where such a high percentage of products are manufactured overseas, it is great to see all these high-quality products Made In The USA by such a great company.

So why does they go through all of this for the off road market? Simple, they want to make sure they are producing the highest quality, best value products for their customers. As their slogan says, with Factor 55 products you are using Stronger, Safer, & Smarter gear.