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Factor 55 ProLink Bridle


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Factor 55 ProLink E Expert (Multiple Colors)


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Factor 55 ProLink Loaded (Multiple Colors)


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Factor 55 ProLink XTV (Multiple Colors)


Recovery Kits & Rigging Hardware

Factor 55 ProLink XXL (Multiple Colors)


Factor 55 is proud to introduce the new ProLink D-Ring shackle mount for your synthetic winch ropes & cables. Expertly engineered, machined, & proven through rigorous testing right here in America, the Factor 55 ProLink enables off roading enthusiasts a safe means to attach your standard 3/4″ D-ring shackle to your existing winch cables & tow eyes.


How Does The Factor 55 ProLink Work?

Essentially the Factor 55 ProLink works by capturing the cable or rope eye within the body of the product. This is done with a removable oversized double titanium shear pin measuring 5/8″ in diameter. Once the pin is safely installed within the cable & rope eye, simply snap in the retention ring and you are good to go.

The front of the Factor 55 ProLink provides a shackle mounting hole machined into a massive 1.2″ thick mounting tab. The mounting hole also features a generous radius on the edges to ensure that any rope shackles aren’t frayed in the case that the user doesn’t want to use a standard d-ring shackle.

The Factor 55 ProLink is compatible with fairleads of all kinds, snugging neatly against both Hawse & Roller versions. All products come equipped standard with titanium pins & rubber guards.

Different Sizes Of The Factor 55 ProLink

This product comes in three different sizes, all featured in a variety of color options.

The smallest size is the Factor 55 Prolink XTV, which features a 6,000 pound working load limit and is intended for use with winches mounted on UTV’s & ATV’s.

The middle size is what you would most readily recognize, known as the Factor 55 ProLink Loaded. This has a maximum load capacity of 16,000 pounds & is intended for standard duty trucks, Jeeps, & SUV’s.

The largest size of this product series is the appropriately named Factor 55 ProLink XXL. This version of the product features a massive 24,000 pound working load limit.


About The Manufacturer – Factor 55

Factor 55 is located right here in America out of Boise, Idaho. Starting out as primarily an engineering design firm specializing in mechanical design & analysis, their staff has an immense amount of experience in the aerospace, defense, & semiconductor industries. Despite their expertise in other areas, they have always been passionate about off road vehicles & taking their adventures off the pavement. All products like the Factor 55 ProLink have been designed in-house using state-of-the-art 3D modeling software & optimized using their Cosmos FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software. Like any great company, destructive testing also occurs on all products before their are released to the public with the assistance of a test facility equipped with extensive test measurement & data recording equipment. Factor 55 takes a great amount of pride knowing that all their products are a result of sound engineering & disciplines rarely seen in this industry. You can learn more about Factor 55 here.

Why go through all of this for the off road market? Simple, we want to make sure we are producing the highest quality, best value products for our customers.