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Though many off road enthusiasts consider a D-ring shackle an incredibly important component of their off road package, not everyone has the common sense purchase and install this simply, yet very useful part. If you do happen to take your 4×4 off roading with some buddies, your D-ring shackle could be the different between staying stuck & getting back on the trail. If you happen to be one of those unsuspecting off roading enthusiasts without a d-ring shackle, make sure you take the time to check out our massive selection of d-ring shackles at the lowest legal prices. We guarantee that you’ll find just what you need here at Off Roading HQ!


Only Use The Best D-Ring Shackles

Here at Off Roading HQ, we take serious pride in offering one of the largest selections of D-ring shackles on the market. But we aren’t satisfied at simply offering a massive number of choices, we want to make sure we’re giving you the best there is as well. Most other off roading accessories stores are going to make you choose between higher priced quality d ring shackles or a large selection – but not here! We are proud to offer tow shackles from world-renowned brands like Warn Industries, Rugged Ridge, Smittybilt, ARB USA, & Vault Cargo Management. Take a look at our massive selection of offroad tow shackles yourself to see for yourself. Make sure you take advantage of our suite of online tools for checking compatibility with your vehicle.

D-Ring Shackles At The Lowest Legal Prices

You are probably thinking we’re absolutely insane for saying that we not only have the widest variety of parts for off roading vehicles, but that we also have the lowest legal prices. How is that even possible, you ask? We’ve leveraged our relationships throughout the industry to partner with some of the leading distributors & brands. This allows us to be able to afford to offer prices right at the manufacturer’s minimum advertised price (MAP), meaning anyone selling at prices below this is actually breaking these contracts and, in turn,  the law. We know it is important to take just as good of care of the d ring shackle brands that we offer as we do our customers, so we make sure we offer prices right at the lowest legal prices!


Leading Brands

superwinch vs warn
Vault Cargo Management

D Ring Shackles

ARB 5/8″ D-Ring Shackle


D Ring Shackles

ARB 3/4″ D-Ring Shackle


D Ring Shackles

WARN D Ring Shackles


D Ring Shackles

ARB 1″ D-Ring Shackle


One of the things that are the most fun about owning a 4×4 that you are passionate about is customizing your ride. There are an incredible number of aftermarket accessories that have been developed for off road vehicles & the people that are so passionate about them. Over time there have been tens of thousands of engineers putting their heads together in search of solutions for pretty much any off roading situation you might encounter. The d-ring shackle is a perfect example of that. While they might seem incredibly simple, a solution was needed for a tie down anchor to mount to off road bumpers on Jeeps, trucks, & other SUV’s. These affordable & practical accessories are manufactured by well known brands like Warn, ARB, Smittybilt, Curt Manufacturing, & Vault Cargo Management along with other world renowned brands. They come in a wide variety of styles, materials, & colors to make sure that you can keep the look of your ride clean while also remaining functional.

So Many D Ring Shackle Choices

Here at Off Roading HQ we stock D-ring shackles in a huge variety of finishes & styles. Whether you’re looking for zinc coated, powder coated, stainless steel, brushed, silver, red, blue, yellow, or other colored D-rings, we certainly have you covered! These are all installed with a threaded pin, most of which are constructed of drop forged steel. Whether you’re in need of off-road shackles or a simple tow shackle we stock a massive range of option. Go ahead and upgrade your recovery capacity with these durable accessories designed to withstand the heaviest loads & toughest conditions. All the d ring shackles that we carry are corrosion resistant and offer the perfect solution for towing, recovery, and hitch accessory needs. With all the options on our store, the only difficult choice will be finally choosing a set of D-ring shackles for your rig!

All You Need in One Place

Whether you are looking for a full-blown off road recovery kit or just a simple snatch strap, we have everything you could possibly need at Off Roading HQ. We stock a huge variety of body armor & protection along with tonneau covers, fender flares, lift kits, lighting accessories, and so much more. Our primary goal as a company is to give you all the options you need so you can customize your Jeep, truck, or SUV that you’ve always dreamt of. We pride ourselves on only working with the most reputable brands, distributors, & suppliers in the world to make sure you receive quality parts on time, every time. We even offer free shipping on qualifying orders to save you even more on every purchase!


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